365 days of writing

365 days of writing

Fall is when everything starts. School’s back, the TV season begins, and I don’t understand the Rule of Three.

Of course, not everything starts on the fall. This post has barely begun and I am already second guessing my choice of lede.

So let’s start again, in more ways than one.

I’m about to start my last year of college, where I’ve been studying Computer Science for the last four years. I’ve recently returned from a very tough but very fun semester at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. I’ve formally ended my internship as a web developer last week. Ad, as I’m sure will shock no one that has ever been 22 years old, I have no idea what to do with my life.

So, to borrow both a TV term and a computing term, I’m attempting a soft reboot. Everything that’s happened in my life so far is still canon, but I’ll try to take a different direction from now on. I’ll elaborate on the why’s and how’s of this later, but here’s the crux of the issue, summed up in two statements:

I don’t want to program anymore.

I want to write for television.

Both of those have their reasons and issues. But I decided to, under that banner, launch this site and see what happens. And the first step, as far as I see it, is to write, write write. I’ve done it before, in different places and times, and I’ll continue to do so. But for the first time, I’m challenging myself to write something each day for a year. Sometimes it’ll be a blog post. Sometimes it’ll be another piece from my student newspaper. Sometimes, maybe, just a quote of what I wrote that day if I’m not prepared to share the whole piece. Sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish, and sometimes in both.

Will this get me closer to my goal? Who knows. But it will help me write. And that’s enough for now.