My Fall TV schedule

My Fall TV schedule

Is that time of the year again, when new shows rise and fall and old shows try to correct past sins. I’ll be watching a lot of it, so here’s a neat list of what I’m watching and what I expect of them. Let’s see how many make the cut come May.


  • Gotham
    • I’m honestly not excited for this show. I’m not saying it can’t work — a cop show on the Batman universe is fine by me — but the promos focusing on the villains and the wink-winks aren’t appealing for me. I’ll probably watch the whole season, so I hope it turns into a pleasant surprise.
  • Sleepy Hollow
    • I binged watched this show and what I got was a load of crazy. But good crazy. I didn’t know how the series would keep-up after the pilot, and yet it has. I don’t know if it’ll suffer a sophomore slump… so I think it’ll do fine. Can’t wait to see what Abby and Ichabod are up to.


  • New Girl
    • The S4 premiere was a good return to form, and this is a set of characters I like to return to over and over. S4 is still early enough on the show’s run that we can find new things to like about them, so I’m excited for the season.
  • Agents of SHIELD
    • It’s no secret I’m disappointed with this show. I’ve never rooted harder for a show to succeed (Whedon! Jed and Mo! Marvel!) and yet it let me down. Hope S2 picks up. This is a show I’ll watch every episode of. Hopefully I’ll stop sighing during it at some point.
  • Selfie
    • I would watch Karen Gillan in anything. So.
  • The Flash
    • Arrow (see below) is great. I’m hoping this show is too. The promos look fun, and I’m excited for show crossovers (Buffy/Angel and SG1/SGA set the template for me.)
  • Supernatural
    • Wishful thinking: I’ll watch Season 9 before this premieres.


  • Modern Family
    • I literally have nothing to say about this show.
  • Black-ish
    • This is one I’ll give a couple of episodes. Early reviews seem positive (even if ABC sucks at titles).
  • Arrow
    • I saw the pilot at SDCC ’12. Didn’t like it at all. Eventually catched up and holy cow is this show good. This is what superheroes on TV should be. It’s definitely one of my favorite shows on-air right now.


  • A to Z
    • I reviewed the pilot, and found it okay. It’ll be a good show to watch on my lazy Saturday mornings.
  • Constantine
    • And once A to Z wakes me up, I’ll watch Constantine. Like Gotham, I’m not particularly excited for it, but is genre TV. I’ll give it a couple of episodes.


  • Doctor Who
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  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    • YES! My favorite comedy last year returns, and I hope ratings pick up. It’s a great, funny, funny show and I want to watch it forever, okay FOX?
  • Mulaney
    • I like Mulaney. Early buzz say this sucks. Hope it doesn’t. I’ll still watch. If it still doesn’t pickup, I’ll watch New in Town on Netflix again.
  • Homeland
    • Without the albatross that was [REDACTED] can this show be good again? Let’s hope so. As one of the few shows I watch with my Mom, I’ll see this through.
  • The Walking Dead
    • I’m bored already. But I’ll watch. Hey, zombies, right?